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Coffee ratings guide

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The quest for the best coffees is an ongoing process. This coffee ratings guide is an attempt to ease the discovery of Indian specialty roasters and their coffees for home brewers and professionals. Views are personal, made with love and lots of coffee. Cheers!

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As per roast profile:


(aka Filter or Cinnamon Roast)

Kerehaklu (HSD) by Corridor Seven*

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by Naivo

Curveball by Kapi Kottai*

Ratnagiri Catuai by Curious Life

Riverdale N72 by Corridor Seven

Ratnagiri (Red Honey) by Corridor Seven*

Fruits BOMB by Savorworks

Kalledevarapura Chandragiri Naturals by Beanrove

Ratnagiri Jasper 44 by Curious Life

Ratnagiri Ruby 43 by Curious Life

Moganad by Quick Brown Fox

Bison Estate by Corridor Seven

Honey I'm Nuts by Savorworks

Nintai - Ratnagiri by Quick Brown Fox

Merthi Mountain by Curious Life

Vottekhan Estate by Curious Life

Baarbara - PSD by Corridor Seven

Kalledevarapura Naturals by Beanrove

Riverdale N72 by Blue Tokai

Baarbara - Filter by Corridor Seven

Cascara Black Honey by Karma Kaapi

Araku Valley by Karma Kaapi

Nano Crystals by Karma Kaapi

Riverdale by Savorworks

Monsooned Malabar by Karma Kaapi

Jumping Ant by Black Baza


(aka Espresso Roast)

Venkids Valley Estate by Bloom*

Ampthill Downs by Subko

Kalledevarapura by Alchemist

Ratnagiri Estate by Corridor Seven

Kalledevarapura PSD by Blue Tokai

Balur Estate Red Honey by Beanrove

Harley Estate by Blue Tokai

Kalledevarapura PSD by Beanrove

Colombia Excelso by Naivo

Type B2 by Kohi Roasters

Kalledevarapura Washed by Beanrove

Silver Oak Blend by Blue Tokai

Honey'd by Kapi Kottai

Gowri by Quick Brown Fox

Type K by Kohi Roasters

Woodway (Naturals) by Subko

Aghora Washed by Beanrove

Balur - Honey Sun Dried by Beanrove

Black Jagg by El Bueno

Kalledeverapura Organic by Bloom

Thogarihunkal by Blue Tokai

Kents by Half Light Coffee

Moganad by Bloom

Woodway (Washed) by Subko

MS Estate - Red Honey by Naivo

Type B1 by Kohi Roasters

MS Estate by Half Light Coffee

Kalledevarapura - PSD by Naivo

Deep Bliss by Maverick & Farmer

Riverdale by Quick Brown Fox

Kalledevarapura by Naivo

Bloom Bae! by El Bueno

Biccode by Naivo

Jack and Chill by El Bueno

Type V by Kohi Roasters

Nokrek by Corridor Seven

Say Hello to Mellow by Maverick & Farmer

Wanderoo (medium) by Black Baza


(aka Full City Roast)

Attikan Estate by Blue Tokai

Armonia (Indo Columbian) by Coffee First

Bibi Plantation AAA by Blue Tokai

Svara (Indian Blend) by Coffee First

Tat Tvam Asi (Washed) by Subko

Salawara Estate by Bloom

Monsooned Malabar AA by Naivo

MS Estate - Espresso by Half Light Coffee

Devon by Naivo

Ficus by Black Baza


(aka Italian or French Roast)

Dark n Delish by Kapi Kottai

Tall Dark Handsome by Maverick & Farmer

Bettadakhan by Quick Brown Fox

Sunkissed by Maverick & Farmer

Otter by Black Baza

Wanderoo (dark) by Black Baza

The Black Baza by Black Baza

Luna by Black Baza

*newly rated coffees


Coming soon:

Bili Hu

Marcs Coffee

Beachville Coffee Roasters


Disclaimer: Views are personal. These reviews are based on the 100 point ratings system designed by the author.

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