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How to brew an AeroPress?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Alan Adler invented a unique method to brew coffee. This design innovation took the world by storm in 2005 and can be used for pulling faux espressos and brewing filter coffees. There are broadly two ways to brew coffee using an AeroPress i.e. the traditional method and the inverted method. Here, I will be guiding you to brew a regular AeroPress.

The AeroPress yields a well balanced medium bodied coffee. The brewing time is moderate (~1.5 minutes) and hence, medium sized grounds are used. This coffee maker can be used with all types of coffee roasts but performs pretty well with the lighter roasts.

Estimated Time: 2 minutes

Equipment Required:

(Note: Refer to the picture below for descriptors used in this guide)

Source: Rubra Coffee


  • Weighing scale (for accurate measurements)

  • Gooseneck kettle (for controlled pouring)

Brewing Parameters:

  • Coffee = 15 gms of coffee

  • Grind size = 5/10 (1=very fine, 10=very coarse)

  • Water = 250 ml of water

  • Water Temp = 85-88° C of water temperature

  • Brewing Time = 90-100 sec

  • Brewing Style = (Bloom | 30 sec | 40 ml) followed by (Second Pour | 20 sec | 210 ml)

(Note: brewing parameters are calculated wrt weight of coffee in grams)

Side note: Click here for a specially curated Indian Indie playlist for a brilliant AeroPress


1. Ensure that you have the following equipment in place to start brewing.

2. Put the filter paper into the filter cap. Pour warm water to rinse the filter of its papery taste. It also helps pre-heat the decanter/glass.

3. Fit the filter cap on to the chamber as shown below.

4. Place the chamber on to the decanter/glass for the regular method

5. Put 15 gms of medium sized coffee grounds into the chamber. Ensure that the coffee bed is flat for a uniform extraction.

6. For brewing, a water temperature of 85-88° C is ideal. If you don't have a temperature gauge, let the water sit for 45-60 sec after boiling to get to the ideal temperature.

7. Please note that in case of an AeroPress, you do not need to pour in a clockwise or anti-clockwise pattern. Doing so can help maintain a uniform temperature profile but is not a point of caution here. The first pour may require you to follow a pattern so that all the grounds are wet.

8. Pour upto 40 ml of water in the first pour to allow for the bloom phase. Wait till the 30 second mark for the second pour (Time stamp: 30 seconds)

9. Pour the rest of the 210 ml of water in the next 20 seconds (Time stamp: 50 seconds)

10. Use the stirrer to agitate the brew. Move it in circles 8-10 times ensuring that it is not too aggressive to avoid over-extraction.

11. At the 60 second mark, fit the plunger into the chamber carefully.

12. Use the palm of your hand or your forearm to push the plunger through the chamber slowly. The target time to complete the brewing process is 90-100 seconds.

13. Let the drink sit for 30 seconds. Then enjoy!

Learn about how to perfect your AeroPress here (Coming soon)


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