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  • Nishchay Nath

Thogarihunkal Estate by Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters - 85 points

Review Date: May 2020

Color: 9 / 10

Aroma: 17 / 20

Flavour: 21 / 25

Finish: 18 / 20

Overall Quality: 20 / 25

Total Points: 85 / 100


This coffee has notes of lemon, chocolate, cherries, tomato and nuts. It's almost caramel-y by nature and toffee-like. It has a rounded body and a decent balance. Somehow very much expected from Blue Tokai given it's consistency across all its coffees. Makes for a great everyday coffee.

Best for: Pourover, Espresso

Worst for: Siphon

Pro tips:

Use coarser grinds to get a brighter balance

Final verdict: Would recommend for your daily coffee.


Price: Rs 400 for 250g

Roaster: Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Roast level: Medium

Type: Single Estate

Estate Name: Thogarihunkal Estate

Altitude: 1000 - 1400m

Location: Chikmagalur

Processing: Washed

Varietal: SLN.13

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Disclaimer: Views are personal. These reviews are based on the 100 point ratings system designed by the author.

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